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Group Captive Meet Medical Expenses

Over the last fifty years, captive’s have evolved from covering the uninsurable risks of a Fortune 500 Company to insuring everyday exposures like Workers Compensation and Auto Liability of groups and associations. It is the application of this group ownership approach to medical expense coverage that creates the Medical Expense Group Captive Opportunity.

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Not taking risk exposes you to the greatest risk of all…

Midsized business in the standard insurance market have been forced to accept 10-20% annual rate increases in their health insurance premiums each year for the last several years. If your business does not grow at a rate that outpaces this trend, the very viability of your business is at risk. You can either take on […]

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What is the Cost of Solvency?

The Cost of Solvency… New York WC Self Insured Groups The news out of the Empire State frequently includes big numbers. Sometimes that is good like a slugger’s batting average and sometimes it’s not like workers compensation claim costs. For self insured workers compensation groups, the numbers have been bad for quite awhile. The estimate […]

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