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Universal Life Insurance: How Does it Work?

Universal Life Insurance: How Does it Work? In addition to the death benefit it provides, universal life insurance also includes savings. The combination is similar to that of tax-deferred interest building in a savings account along with having a term life insurance policy. A major benefit of a universal life insurance policy is that the […]

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Teens and Texting

Teens and Texting Admit it: putting your 16 year-old kid behind the wheel of a car is one of the most nerve-wracking things you can do as a parent. After all, you remember the first time he rode a tricycle—how can you let him steer a two-ton machine?

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Quiet Strength

Quiet Strength A lot of people haven’t heard of Erie Insurance. Maybe you haven’t, either. We’re okay with that. We’re not into bragging or boasting or shouting our name from the rooftops. We’d rather spend our time and money making sure you get seriously good insurance, and above all, service.

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