Prepare For A Winter Melt Down

icicleAs winter comes to an end warm weather and rain can melt snow and lead to flooding. The following are preventative measures which can help minimize the damage to your home.

  • Be sure all gutters and downspouts are secure and clear of any debris.
  • Be sure the ventilation and the insulation in your attic is appropriate.
  • Remove as much snow and ice as possible from your roof. This should be done by pulling it off while standing on the ground. Wet and heavy snow could cause rafters to crack or even cause collapse. 
  • Remove snow and ice from windows close to the ground such as basement windows.
  • If your pipes freeze, it is best to contact a plumber before the pipes thaw. If the water main was not turned off, the pipes will burst once they begin to thaw.

The cost of insurance is affiliated with the cost of claims and these simple precautions can help you minimize damage to your home and minimize the cost of insurance. They can also help prevent damage which may not be covered by your insurance policy.

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