Get A New Boat Insurance Quote In Time For Summer

boat insurance, boat insurance estimate, boat insurance coverage, boat insurance quotes, boat insurance quote, insurance for boatIt may be cold outside right now, but rest assured warm weather is just around the corner. That means now is the time to start preparing for the summer season. Enjoy your fishing trips and vacation time worry-free with a new comprehensive boat insurance policy. Upgrade, expand or alter your current policy in time for the summer. Get a new boat insurance quote and be sure to ask about the following: 

  • Coverage Options

Did you know that your homeowners insurance only provides limited coverage for your boat? Don’t wait for the unexpected to strike before you find out what isn’t covered under your policy. Get a new boat insurance quote that includes broad coverage options in the event of collision, wreckage, property damage or medical costs. Additionally, you should seek coverage that includes 24-hour roadside assistance, emergency towing, labor and specialty coverage for fishing or water sports like water skiing. 

  • Replacement Cost Protection

When you request a new boat insurance quote, be certain that your coverage includes total loss replacement or agreed value. Partial replacement coverage or an exceptionally high deductible may make it difficult for you to rebound from disaster. Get back on the water faster with a boat insurance policy that includes total loss replacement coverage. Also check your policy to see that it covers outdrives and outboard motors against mechanical breakdown. In many cases this is not automatically covered!

  • Coverage For Equipment And Effects

Some policies cover loss or damage to your boat but may exclude coverage for professional or personal items also lost or damaged. Inquire about coverage for fishing equipment and personal effects such as cameras or cell phones. While your home insurance may cover some personal effects, it is best to only have to file one claim. So be sure the limit is adequate to fully replace those items on your boat.

Warm weather is just around the corner. Get a new insurance quote and start the season with peace of mind.

To get a new boat insurance quote and see if you may be able to save money now, call 610.269.4500 or contact a boat insurance Client Advocate at Miller’s Insurance and Financial Services.

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