Archive | December, 2012

Environmental Insurance Protection For Your Business, Products And Property

In this day and age, protecting the environment is an extremely important priority. While you want to make sure your business practices are environmentally safe, one of your top priorities must be protecting your business against costly environmental hazards. Your business requires commercial general liability insurance to protect against costs resulting from bodily injury, property […]

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“10 Tips For Law Firms Buying Cybersecurity Insurance”

My colleague, Kristi Singleton, and I recently co-authored an article that was published in Law360 regarding cyberinsurance for law firms. The piece provides insights and tips for law firms and lawyers interested in purchasing a cyberinsurance policy. The introduction is below: Law firms spend a lot of time and effort to protect their clients’ interests […]

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Are You Allowing The Work Comp Market To Select Who Represents You?

Each year around this time, nearly half of California businesses begin the renewal process on their workers compensation coverage. Usually, they send information out to almost any agent that contacts them, and hope to get competitive quotes from the various insurance companies these agents represent. The incumbent agent usually goes to market first and basically corners the market on every available […]

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