Archive | May, 2012

The Group Captive Looking Good

Recent news highlighting court decisions, legislative action and market dynamics is providing a boost to the group captive insurance approach. Considering the financial implications of choosing another form of group or pooled insurance for your workers’ compensation or health benefits, group captives present a compelling and convincing alternative.

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General Liability Problems When Contractors Perform Own Repairs

When our contractor clients turn in General Liability claims for covered property damage arising from past work, they often want to perform their own repairs on behalf of their insurance carrier because they are already familiar with the job and believe they can do the work for a lower cost. However, their Contractor General Liability […]

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Failure to disclose knowledge of a potential claim at the time of application may not exclude entitlement to insurance proceeds

The defendant insureds sought and were granted a declaration that their professional liability insurer was required to provide a defence in an action on the basis the insurer was not able to conclusively show that coverage would be excluded on the basis of the insureds’ knowledge of a potential claim at the time they applied […]

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