“The principle was right there – you couldn’t miss it. The more you did for your customers, the more they did for us.”…. Debi Fields

The question is…..what more can we do for our customers?…. I invite your replies….

In an insurance agency, we offer competitive alternatives to potential clients..

Now, the term “competitive” means many things to many people…. what if we offer an insurance contract that costs a bit more, but has broader coverage?….and what if we offer an equivalent  contract and with a lower price?…..are these competitive options?… And what of service… we spend hundreds of thousands of dollar’s per year making sure someone is available to answer our clients questions, concerns and handle their claims….and try as much as possible to make them happy with their insurance..(to the extent that we can)…After-all, the only time Insurance can make a person happy is after a claim…..and usually they really need a pickup after that….hmmmmm idea’s abound…

A couple of years ago, we decided to “touch” our clients as often as possible…(figuratively… not literally)…so we started sending out “thank you” letters to our new customers; started an E Newsletter; and the staff has attempted to send out thank you cards and birthday cards…the latter seemingly a bit of a challenge for some…..

We have educated ourselves so that we understand insurance contracts; specialized our staff so they focus on specific lines of business…better not to be a “Jack of all trades and Master of none” in the insurance business..just too much to know…

I suppose we could hold weekend car washes for our clients…outdoor barbecues….and all that…but what I really suspect the author of our title today meant was that the definition of “more” is in the mind of the clients…..so, it’s our job then to figure out what each individual client wants and within the context of our business… give it to them better than our competition…. tall order?????? Well, we are on the right track…but if “any” of our clients or prospective clients read this….help!!!!!!!… what is it that “you” feel is important..?

Back to moving…gotta sign ANOTHER form….or actually initial one we already signed for the Realtor…..manana.

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