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“The principle was right there – you couldn’t miss it. The more you did for your customers, the more they did for us.”…. Debi Fields

The question is…..what more can we do for our customers?…. I invite your replies…. In an insurance agency, we offer competitive alternatives to potential clients.. Now, the term “competitive” means many things to many people…. what if we offer an insurance contract that costs a bit more, but has broader coverage?….and what if we offer […]

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Let The Lawsuits Begin: Self Insured Groups

Recently, up to 5 self insured groups managed by CRM holdings have closed and or failed in California. One recent failure is the CAPSIG Self-insured group which CRM managed. With a claims shortfall of $20,000,000 and growing, the 200 members of the CAPSIG Small Contractors self-insured group likely face individual assessments that will cost each […]

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